Gary Nemeth


G.M. at Little Darlings & Vegas Party Nights

Work History

Been a Smut Peddler for over 20 years

How did you get your start in the business?

While on break from classes (getting my Masters Degree) I walked into this amazing club. I went to the bar and the G.M. of the club came over and said “Hi”. We struck up a conversation and I told him he needs to hire me. He said he was full up on security and pretty much everything. I replied that he needs to hire me. This is me, this is totally me. I gave him my resume and said I will be talking to him soon. There was a message to come in Friday night to start in less than 1 hour later.


 Work, Work, and more Work

Turn ons

Asian Women, white pants, long hair, nice nails

Turn offs

everything else

What is your fetish?

Asian women face down ass up

What is your wildest sex story?

Watching my girlfriend get molested by a bunch of girls in the back of a limo after a night of drinking and dancing.

What is your favorite part of the job?

It is never boring. There is always something happening that will blow your mind. The things I do and see just astound me.