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Jason “Cash” Mohney


Master Mood Enhancer

Work History

I’ve done everything man, wash dishes, dug ditches, cleaned houses, flipped pizzas, mixed drinks, sold real estate, and so much more. Today I do what ever it takes to keep the land entertained and profitable.

How did you get your start in the business?

It’s a family business but make no mistake there is nothing free in this crazy family.


Wow I get told I don’t work because I have so many hobbies but what I like most is skiing, golfing, diving, off roading, ATVs and hunting.

Turn ons

Ladies that are not gold diggers with a sense of adventure.

Turn offs

Boring people and free loaders

What is your fetish?

Don’t you wish you knew

What is your wildest sex story?

All my sex is wild

What is your favorite part of the job?

Seeing the world.

Tell us something fun about yourself

One time I was out golfing and got drunk as a skunk when I came down the hill I rolled a golf cart and instead of getting busted I took off into the mountains of California. I spent the night lost in those mountains until I found a road and hitch hiked back to society. Yes there is more to the story but that’s all I’m telling… Oh to be 19 again.